Gift Khumalo

Gift Khumalo is a four-year old, born in Krugersdorp, Westrand. He lives with both of his parents and two older siblings.

Like many children his age, Gift enjoys watching cartoons and outdoor play.

From birth he encountered health challenges which included flu-like symptoms and which nurses in his local clinic credited to a chest infection. His mother, Sindiso says it led to frequent clinic visits.

Amidst a challenging period and not knowing what else she needed to do to help her son, Sindiso turned to her faith. “It was very difficult, I am a Christian, so thank God my Archbishop took us in and helped us with prayers and that kept me strong,” Sindiso re-calls.

After a few visits to a hospital in Krugersdorp, Gift was eventually transferred to another hospital in Johannesburg, where they diagnosed him with a congenital heart defect (VSD). His mother states, “They said the hole in his heart was too big, it could not close on its own, so he needed an operation. They also mentioned that they were unable to do the operation themselves so that’s when they transferred him to Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.”

Upon being referred for admission to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH), Gift’s doctor had assured Sindiso that her son is being transferred to one of the best pediatric hospitals in Gauteng.
“When we arrived there (NMCH), other people were also coming from very faraway places and they were also transferred to this hospital because it is known as a good hospital, so I had hope that he would be treated,” Sindiso remembers.

Gift eventually got admitted on 22 July 2021 and a few days later he underwent a suc-cessful operation.
He also spent time in the intensive care unit, followed by cardiac ward and ultimately got discharged.
While Gift was undergoing an open-heart surgery, his mother was provided with accom-modation at the Ronald McDonald house which accommodates many families of criti-cally ill children travelling from afar receiving medical care at NMCH.

Gift is currently on course of medication and set for routine check-ups.

Sindiso’s ultimate wish is seeing her son being healthy and able to attend school like other children.
“I would like to thank the doctors and nurses, they did a great job because without their help I do not think I would still have my baby now,” Sindiso says.


Boikanyo buggy project 2023

The Boikanyo Buggy 2023, is a project run by Golden East 181 , as a fundraiser for The Boikanyo Founda-tion, for the purpose of awareness and funding of critical heart surgery for un-derprivileged and indigent children within the Public Health Sector.

The Boikanyo Bike 2023 project idea is to ride an E-Bike, towing a Rickshaw from northern most Table in Polo-kwane, across South Africa , finishing at Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Please follow this amazing event and see how you can make a difference…….


Lets make a difference together.

Could YOU make a monthly donation to Boikanyo so we can ensure we are able to make a difference in children’s lives: An amount of your choice. Get monthly newsletters and updates on the difference YOU are making in a child life.


South Africa’s Children Rely on Us. And We Rely on You.

The Boikanyo Foundation is reliant on the help of individuals, associations and companies to aid us in saving lives.  Approximately R50,000 is all it will take to give a child a new chance at life. Any assistance that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.

The Boikanyo foundation was founded by the members of Round Table Golden East 181 in 2006. To date, GE 181 continues to provide administration and funding support to the foundation.

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    To reduce the number of disadvantaged and underprivileged children awaiting life-changing heart surgery.

    To improve the Children’s Heart Surgery Unit at The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital by providing resources and opportunities.

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    Our name, The Boikanyo oundation, was proposed by the ICU staff of Johannesburg Hospital. The word originates from Tswana and directly translated means “We rely on you”, for it is our nations most destitute and impoverished children that rely on us to change their lives forever and for the better.

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